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Conference Abstract
06 Sep 2023
Conference Abstract |  | 06 Sep 2023

Multiphase flow modeling at the component level for the Swiss deep geological repository

Dominik Zbinden, Ursula Lengler, Keurfon Luu, Babak Shabani, Chao Li, and Alexandros Papafotiou

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Model-based performance assessment of repository-induced effects: contribution to the site-selection process in Switzerland
Chao Li, Dominik Zbinden, Mohamed Hayek, Michael J. Hannon, Alexandros Papafotiou, and Paul Marschall
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 2, 137–137,,, 2023
Short summary
Short summary
In a deep geological repository for radioactive waste disposal, corrosion of metals can lead to the formation of gas. This work investigates the gas flow and release pathways in different sections of the repository using computer simulations. The focus is on the description of the method and workflow to develop these models.