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Conference Abstract
06 Sep 2023
Conference Abstract |  | 06 Sep 2023

Discourse on deep geological repositories – defining retardation moments and questioning the feasibility of prognostic approaches

Wolfram Wartenberg

On the basis of the German site selection procedure and the geoscientific suitability of a designated repository site an open discourse on process approaches for the realization shall be implemented as a workshop in the scope of the 2023 SafeND. The geoscientific open discourse should use examples or scenarios from the international professional circles to emphasize which site description options are available at best; it should name moments of retardation in the process and illuminate research related to deep geological repositories.

The goal that is to be presented and discussed from an international perspective relates to geogenic conditions in the repository-relevant subsurface providing safe confinement for radioactive waste and consequently protecting people and the environment from ionizing radiation and other harmful effects.

Particularly desired is the critical questioning of geoscience-related lines of argument that seem plausible for stakeholders. For this reason, the workshop intends to bring together researchers and stakeholders from, e.g., universities and institutions that have not necessarily been involved in deep geological disposal so far. This is an occasion to reflect on knowledge and concepts established by stakeholders from the point of view of universities and research institutions.

Short summary
Through discourse on deep geological repositories, the topics are defining retardation moments and questioning the feasibility of prognostic approaches.