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Conference Abstract
06 Sep 2023
Conference Abstract |  | 06 Sep 2023

On the influence of initial stress on final stress in data-calibrated numerical geomechanical models

Tobias Hergert, Steffen Ahlers, Luisa Röckel, Sophia Morawietz, Karsten Reiter, Moritz Ziegler, Birgit Müller, Oliver Heidbach, Frank Schilling, and Andreas Henk

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The slip tendency of 3D faults in Germany
Luisa Röckel, Steffen Ahlers, Sophia Morawietz, Birgit Müller, Tobias Hergert, Karsten Reiter, Andreas Henk, Moritz Ziegler, Oliver Heidbach, and Frank Schilling
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 2, 73–73,,, 2023
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SpannEnD – a 3D geomechanical model of Germany for the prediction of the recent crustal stress state
Steffen Ahlers, Karsten Reiter, Tobias Hergert, Andreas Henk, Luisa Röckel, Sophia Morawietz, Oliver Heidbach, Moritz Ziegler, and Birgit Müller
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 2, 59–59,,, 2023
Short summary
Short summary
In numerical geomechanical models, an initial stress state is established before displacement boundary conditions are applied in order to match calibration data. We present generic models to show that the choice of initial stress and boundary conditions affects the final state of stress in areas of the model domain where no stress data for calibration are available. These deviations are largest in the vicinity of lithological interfaces, and they can be reduced if more stress data exist.