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Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 1, 221–223, 2021
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 1, 221–223, 2021

Conference Abstract 10 Nov 2021

Conference Abstract | 10 Nov 2021

Transdisciplinary disposal governance – Learning and reflexion in and between organisations and through participation of the public

Melanie Mbah et al.

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Specific cultural and political challenges in cross-border public participation
Franziska Sperfeld and Melanie Mbah
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 1, 227–229,,, 2021
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We analysed the legal framework of the StandAG as well as learning requirements and possibilities between central actors of the procedure of site selection for a final repository. Besides a literature review and a jurisdictional analysis of the StandAG, several interviews with different actors of the procedure as well as workshops were conducted. In summary, we identified challenges and developed recommendations for several formats of learning at different levels.