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Conference Abstract
10 Nov 2021
Conference Abstract |  | 10 Nov 2021

Suitability of flat bedded salt formations in Germany as the site for a repository for heat-producing radioactive waste

Till Popp, Ralf-Michael Günther, and Dirk Naumann

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Compaction of crushed salt for safe containment – a summary of the KOMPASS projects
Larissa Friedenberg, Jeroen Bartol, James Bean, Steffen Beese, Hendrik Bollmann, Hans J. P. de Bresser, Jibril Coulibaly, Oliver Czaikowski, Uwe Düsterloh, Ralf Eickemeier, Ann-Kathrin Gartzke, Suzanne Hangx, Ben Laurich, Christian Lerch, Svetlana Lerche, Wenting Liu, Christoph Lüdeling, Melissa M. Mills, Nina Müller-Hoeppe, Bart van Oosterhout, Till Popp, Ole Rabbel, Michael Rahmig, Benjamin Reedlunn, Christopher Rölke, Christopher Spiers, Kristoff Svensson, Jan Thiedau, and Kornelia Zemke
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 2, 109–111,,, 2023
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Compaction of crushed salt for safe containment – overview of the KOMPASS project
Larissa Friedenberg, James Bean, Oliver Czaikowski, Uwe Düsterloh, Nina Müller-Hoeppe, Ben Laurich, Christian Lerch, Svetlana Lerche, Christoph Lüdeling, Melissa Mills, Till Popp, Benjamin Reedlunn, Dieter Stührenberg, Kristoff Svensson, Kornelia Zemke, and Juan Zhao
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 1, 121–123,,, 2021

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Eickemeier, R., Heusermann, S., Knauth, M., Minkley, W., Nipp, H.-K., and Popp, T.: Preliminary Safety Analysis of the Gorleben Site: Thermo-mechanical Analysis of the Integrity of the Geological Barrier in the Gorleben Salt Formation, WM2013 Conference, 24–28 February 2013, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 13307, 2013. 
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Since 2013, the search for a site for a HAW-repository has started again in Germany with the entry into force of the first Site Selection Act (StandAG). Compared to repository concepts in steep inclined salt (domes) or in clay or crystalline formations, a repository in bedded salt offers considerable long-term safety advantages due to a site-specific, natural multi-barrier system consisting of the host rock salt (with the ewG) and overlaying sequences of additional salt and salt clay seams.