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Conference Abstract
10 Nov 2021
Conference Abstract |  | 10 Nov 2021

An Open-Access Stress Magnitude Database for Germany

Sophia Morawietz, Moritz Ziegler, Karsten Reiter, and the SpannEnD Project Team

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The SpannEnD project: 3-D stress prediction in the upper crust of Germany
Karsten Reiter, Steffen Ahlers, Sophia Morawietz, Luisa Röckel, Tobias Hergert, Andreas Henk, Birgit Müller, and Oliver Heidbach
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 1, 75–76,,, 2021
Short summary
Knowledge of the crustal stress state is important for the assessment of subsurface stability. In particular, stress magnitudes are essential for the calibration of geomechanical models that estimate a continuous description of the 3-D stress field from pointwise and incomplete stress data. We present the first comprehensive and open-access stress magnitude database for Germany, consisting of 568 data records. We introduce a quality ranking scheme for stress magnitude data for the first time.