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Conference Abstract
10 Nov 2021
Conference Abstract |  | 10 Nov 2021

From process to system understanding with multi-disciplinary investigation methods: set-up and first results of the CD-A experiment (Mont Terri rock laboratory)

Gesa Ziefle, Tuanny Cajuhi, Sebastian Condamin, Stephan Costabel, Oliver Czaikowski, Antoine Fourriére, Larissa Friedenberg, Markus Furche, Nico Graebling, Bastian Graupner, Jürgen Hesser, David Jaeggi, Kyra Jantschik, Tilo Kneuker, Olaf Kolditz, Franz Königer, Herbert Kunz, Ben Laurich, Jobst Maßmann, Christian Ostertag-Henning, Dorothee Rebscher, Karsten Rink, Wolfram Rühaak, Senecio Schefer, Rainer Schuhmann, Marc Wengler, and Klaus Wieczorek

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Cross-scale perspective on the Opalinus Clay: insights from the GeomInt2 project
Tuanny Cajuhi, Jobst Maßmann, Gesa Ziefle, Thomas Nagel, and Keita Yoshioka
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 2, 105–106,,, 2023
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Building the bridge between safety requirements and numerical modeling: an example considering crack development of Opalinus clay in laboratory and field scales
Tuanny Cajuhi, Jobst Maßmann, and Gesa Ziefle
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 1, 165–167,,, 2021
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Rearrangement of stresses in fault zones – detecting major issues of coupled hydraulic–mechanical processes with relevance to geothermal applications
G. Ziefle
Geoth. Energ. Sci., 2, 39–48,,, 2014

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