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Conference Abstract
10 Nov 2021
Conference Abstract |  | 10 Nov 2021

Investigation of Percolation-Driven Fluid Transport in Rock Salt under Repository-Relevant Conditions (PeTroS)

Christoph Lüdeling, Dirk Naumann, and Wolfgang Minkley

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Compaction of crushed salt for safe containment – a summary of the KOMPASS projects
Larissa Friedenberg, Jeroen Bartol, James Bean, Steffen Beese, Hendrik Bollmann, Hans J. P. de Bresser, Jibril Coulibaly, Oliver Czaikowski, Uwe Düsterloh, Ralf Eickemeier, Ann-Kathrin Gartzke, Suzanne Hangx, Ben Laurich, Christian Lerch, Svetlana Lerche, Wenting Liu, Christoph Lüdeling, Melissa M. Mills, Nina Müller-Hoeppe, Bart van Oosterhout, Till Popp, Ole Rabbel, Michael Rahmig, Benjamin Reedlunn, Christopher Rölke, Christopher Spiers, Kristoff Svensson, Jan Thiedau, and Kornelia Zemke
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 2, 109–111,,, 2023
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Compaction of crushed salt for safe containment – overview of the KOMPASS project
Larissa Friedenberg, James Bean, Oliver Czaikowski, Uwe Düsterloh, Nina Müller-Hoeppe, Ben Laurich, Christian Lerch, Svetlana Lerche, Christoph Lüdeling, Melissa Mills, Till Popp, Benjamin Reedlunn, Dieter Stührenberg, Kristoff Svensson, Kornelia Zemke, and Juan Zhao
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 1, 121–123,,, 2021

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It has been claimed that, under repository conditions, rock salt may not be as impermeable as usually considered. We present results of fluid permeation tests on natural rock salt at high temperatures and stresses (140 to 180 °C, 18 and 36 MPa) that refute these claims.