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Conference Abstract
10 Nov 2021
Conference Abstract |  | 10 Nov 2021

Deciphering porosity clogging at barrier interfaces in deep geological repositories for radioactive waste

Mara I. Lönartz, Jenna Poonoosamy, Yuankai Yang, Naila Ait-Mouheb, Guido Deissmann, and Dirk Bosbach

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Combining innovative experimental approaches and cross-scale reactive transport modelling for assessing coupled hydrogeochemical processes at interfaces in deep geological repositories for radioactive waste
Jenna Poonoosamy, Martina Klinkenberg, Mara Lönartz, Yuankai Yang, Guido Deissmann, Felix Brandt, and Dirk Bosbach
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 1, 105–107,,, 2021

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